About us

Team Blood Eagle was originally created as a PUBG team in late 2017. Eventually we decided to take the step towards creating an organization and expanding into other games. The focus of the organization is to build a mature and positive environment for our players to grow. Team Blood Eagle as a guild in World of Warcraft was created with the release of the expansion Battle for Azeroth and have grown with an incredible speed since then. Our focus is on cooperation and positivity rather than the toxic environment we all have experienced in World of Warcraft. We have the ambition of building a core team worthy of clearing end game content and obviously Cutting Edge.

We're truly a group of great people with focus on having fun and progress! But don't take our word for it! Let's see what our members think!


"From the perspective of a new member, I view the guild as friendly and active with members always being online. And the guild chat atmosphere is also welcoming and the option of joining is easy and application free." -Vimorath

"TBE is one of the best guilds I've ever had in wow. It is full of nice and helpful people, and if you are looking for relaxed but serious raiding, this might be the best place you can find!" -Naftali

"This guild feels like a huge family" -Zharkan

"I'm lucky to find a home in Team Blood Eagle, They're so welcoming and friendly which allowed me to settle in easy. Everyone in the guild has a nice warm nature about them. It's the place to be if you're new to World of Warcraft and need a hand getting your head around things."

"A lighthearted and welcoming community with the aims of reaching as high as we can get! always friendly and fun, but also serious when it comes to raiding. A overall incredible, fun and likeable community to hang out with!" -Rinba

"I joined this team about 5 months ago now - and i have newer felt more at home in a guild for a long long time, I am amazed about how respectful everyone is. It doesn`t matter if you are top dps and a pro player, or if you are still learning the game, everyone is respected and the team is there to help you, rather than to pull you down or make fun of you."

"Best drunken decision that I've made was to join TBE: young or old, pro or pleb, everyone gets swept away by and into the sheer awesomeness that is us. Varying degrees of dirty dungeon talks, #EzPz progress raids, and the occasional joke or 6 is what makes us special. This is love. This is family. This is TBE." -Schiddhi