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Applying to Team Blood Eagle

Team Blood Eagle has branched out to World of Warcraft and created a Horde Guild on the EU server Ragnaros.

Our community is based on positivity and constructive feedback and thus toxic behaviour is unacceptable. Though friendly banter is always welcome and as a general rule of thumb; everyting is Prycepriest's fault!

We are currently in need of:
Core raiders with:

Community team:
Tanks with offspecc DPS
Raid Leaders
All DPS roles

We require raiders to:
Have discord and be able to listen

Have the time and willingness to improve
Be mature

Social members have no such requirements, just that they behave within normal etiquette

Use the contact forum below to apply for to the guild!
In game name and iLvl in the subject line
A few lines about yourself in the message

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